Empowering the Next Generation

The monthly "The Green Chronicle" is an online newsletter for young people written by young authors and edited by Sarika and Neha Mathur. Topics include environmental issues, charitable causes, trendy green products and whatever else you think living a hippylicious life is all about! If you have something to say and want to have your writing featured in this newsletter, please send your submissions or ideas to soania@myhippylicious.com via your parent or guardian. You must provide a parent's or guardian's email address so we can make sure they're cool with having your article on our site. Looking forward to your ideas!

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hippylicious is a state of mind

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you're never too young to start making healthy choices

all natural, all good

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where healthy meets fabulous

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quality never compromised

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life is all about choices - why not make the right one?

Although initially, we naturally make most decisions for our children, at some point we need to give them the tools and the information that will allow them to make healthy life choices for themselves. To teach them to look beyond the present and recognize that the decisions they make now will have impact on their future. They are subjected to many outside peer, community and media pressures, making any decision that is clear of these influences, very difficult. But we as parents have the ability to raise a generation educated about healthy choices and enlightened to the needs of others and how their buying power can be used to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Hippylicious is passionate about teaching the next generation educated consumerism - that they have the power to make healthy choices and that there is power in their purchasing dollars.
Dr. Soania Mathur