Giving Back

"UBUNTU", I am because we are…a profound meaning of a simple concept, one that eludes most of us. The fact is that we are all interconnected - with each other and the world around us. Consider the butterfly effect, a theoretical example of a hurricane resulting from an initial act of a butterfly flapping its wings weeks prior. Although an extreme example, bottom line is that our actions have impact on the world and others - be it positive or negative.

Unfortunately, society's focus appears to have shifted from altruistic values to a more egocentric preoccupation. This has to change! We have to care about the starving child in Africa, the child that dies from a preventable infection, the desecration of species after species due to pollution. We are all interconnected. And changing the world will not occur from the impact of one individual but as a collective effort by a community of like-minded individuals who are aware of these issues and make educated choices about where their hard earned dollars are spent. That spending with ethical intent has the potential to make a difference, one small act at a time.

Hippylicious is committed to making a difference, not only in the lives of their consumers but in the global community by supporting charities involved in global children's health initiatives and environmental causes. So when you buy a Hippylicious product, you will be doing so with the satisfaction that you are also making a difference in the life of someone less fortunate - a responsibility that we all need to fulfill.
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(We will update the site re. the charities being supported in the near future.)