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Hippylicious is where healthy meets fabulous!

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Our Commitment

Hippylicious is committed to providing a line of accessible, all natural products for a younger demographic marketed towards health-conscious, eco-savvy, motivated parents and the young consumers themselves emphasizing that they are never too young to make smart and healthy choices and that those choices can still be of the highest quality and on trend.

“Although we may not have the ability to completely shelter ourselves or our families from all that is potentially toxic, we do have the ability to reduce that toxic load by making smart and informed consumer choices and using our purchases as an opportunity to instill potentially lifelong healthy buying habits and consumer awareness in our children.”
Dr. Soania Mathur

Empowering Kids

It’s about empowering the next generation of consumers to make wise decisions, to teach them that they are never too young to care about their health. It’s not about fixing the problem, it’s about giving this generation the tools by which to live a healthy life and to recognize that there is also a way to make a difference not only in their own lives but also in the world at large through the power of their consumer dollars. Empowering them should be a priority.

Uniting Parents

Regardless of our varying backgrounds, what unites us all is our love for family. From the moment they come into our lives, children are our most precious responsibility. We all want to provide them with the foundation they will need to thrive in a bright and successful future. If provided with the opportunity each of us would do whatever it takes to give our kids the best chance at a healthy life. Hippylicious is committed to sharing information, promoting dialogue and creating a global community dedicated to reducing the toxic load their families face on a daily basis.

The Challenges

Giving Back

Study after study indicate that there are thousands of chemicals found in personal care products directed towards adults and even children specific brands. Some of these are known toxins and have been classified as endocrine or reproductive disruptors or even carcinogens, not to mention allergens and irritants. These are products that we use directly on our skin and repeated exposure can potentially pose a cumulative risk that may be enough to cause acute or chronic illness. This is especially true for the most vulnerable - our children.

At Hippylicious, we recognize that we are part of a greater global community and that we have the corporate responsibility to give back, to help those less fortunate. We also believe that those that share our common values also feel better knowing that a portion of their consumer dollars is going toward benefitting child health and environmental causes around the world.